Haus Hiltl in Zurich

Address: Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich 8001
Tel.: +41 442277000
Fax: +41 442277007
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Category: Trendy Restaurant
Average main course price: 23 euros
Average 3-course meal price: 55 euros
Please note that the prices mentioned are only an indication and may not reflect the exact value of your meal.
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Haus Hiltl

One of Switzerland's oldest vegetarian restaurants, this establishment was opened in 1898 by the Hiltl family and bears their name even today. That said, its age is hardly apparent as a result of a number of modernisation efforts throughout. The hallmark of such renovations was not decorative frippery, but rather chic elegance. The Hiltl is normally full and not just due to the impeccable quality of the food, but also the original way in which the meals are prepared here. A diverse Indian buffet particular to the restaurant has gained citywide recognition, alongside a mammoth selection of different salads.

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