Confiserie Cafe Bauer in Zurich

Address: Badenerstr. 355, Zurich 8083
Tel.: +41 444920408
Fax: +41 444012420
Cuisine: Locally Sourced
Category: Bistro
Average main course price: 16 euros
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Confiserie Cafe Bauer

The Cafe Bauer - and the Confiserie Bauer - is a traditional, established concern offering a variety of freshly baked products. It offers the highest standards in terms of quality and service. The bakers and confectioners make everything from scratch every day. They pay great attention to detail. For the most part the food is prepared painstakingly by hand - as was the case when the café opened 85 years ago. The café combines old craftsmanship with modern technology, offering you traditional types of bread and pastries, new flavours and visual experiences.

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